Wednesday, February 1, 2012


My first book of poems, The Black Forest, looks like this:

It is available from Small Press Distribution. They will send it fast!

"These poems sock home truth and enact poetic somersaults that leave me out of breath. It's a pleasure to recommend them to anyone brave enough. Chris DeWeese is the real thing, a poet true to his calling."

— James Tate

"Christopher DeWeese's The Black Forest is a world that splinters into halves, fourths, and thirds all at once. The book is actually a forest, or it is many forests, and they're all ones we know, but they don't look the way we remember. When the book ends, we feel very brave, as if we have gone through the tall and muted trees into the darkest place of all, a place of fundamental urges. DeWeese has painted this forest for us so we might see clearly into the fall."

—Dorothea Lasky

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