Monday, May 31, 2010


You could adopt a cute tiny fox pup

OR, you could wear a "laser fox" t-shirt. IT'S YOUR DECISION!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Friday, May 21, 2010


The lyrics to "Everything Zen" by Bush translated into Korean.

우리가 먹어서 좋은 무언가가 이어야 한다 어쩌면 다른 애인을 찾아내십시오 나가 만일 로스앤젤레스에 날기 위하여 나의 똥구멍 형제를 찾아내십시오 미키 마우스는 암소를 자랐다 Dave's 다시 판매에 우리 뒷 전망에 있는 kissy 키스 We' 이렇게 지루하는 재 You' 비난할 것이다 레늄 나의 방법 그것을 한 번 보는 것을 시도하십시오 모두 선 모두 선 I don't 는 이렇게 생각한다 세기 동안 Raindogs 짖는 소리 백만 달러 말뚝 당신이 당신의 반신반인을 찾은 대로 그리고 당신은 성자와 날조한다 There' s 당신의 폭력에 있는 성 없음 There' s 당신의 폭력에 있는 성 없음 나의 방법 그것을 한 번 보는 것을 시도하십시오 모두 선 모두 선 I don't는 이렇게 생각한다 I don'tElvis가 죽은 I don't다고 믿는다; 는 Elvis가 죽은 I don't다고 믿는다; 는 Elvis가 다고, Elvis 이다 믿는다 There's 당신의 폭력에 있는 성 없음

The lyrics to "Mmmm Bop" by Hanson translated into Korean.

당신은 이 생활에 있는 이렇게 많은 관계가 있다 단지 하나나 둘개는 지속될 것이다 당신은 이 고통 및 투쟁 전부에 가고 있다 다음 당신은 당신의 뒤를 돌고 그들은 간다 그래서 빠른과 이렇게 빨리 간다 진짜로 걱정하는 그들에 따라서 파악 하나 그들이 결국 거기 유일한 그들 있으십시오 당신이 오래되게 되고 당신의 머리를 잃기 시작할 때 당신은 여전히 걱정할 저에게 말할 수 있다 당신은 여전히 걱정할 저에게 말할 수 있다 합창: Mmmm는, 바륨 duba dop 때린다 바륨 du는, 바륨 duba dop 때린다 바륨 du는, 바륨 duba dop 때린다 바륨 du Mmmm는, 바륨 duba dop 때린다 바륨 du는, 바륨 duba dop 때린다 바륨 du는, 바륨 duba dop 때린다 바륨 du 씨를 설치하고십시오, 꽃을 설치하고십시오, 장미를 설치하십시오 당신은 아무 그것들중 하나나 설치할 수 있다 성장한다 어느 것이 알아내기 위하여 설치하는 보유 아무도가 모르지 않는 비밀이다 아무도가 모르지 않는 비밀이다 반복 합창 mmm 그들은에서 간다 때린다. mmm에서 때리십시오 그들은 거기 있지 않는다. mmm 그들은에서 간다 때린다. mmm에서 때리십시오 그들은 거기 있지 않는다. 당신이 당신의 머리를 잃을 때까지. 그러나 당신은 걱정하지 않는다. 반복 합창 당신은 저에게 말할 수 있는가? 당신은 당신이 다는 것을 그러나 당신이 모른ㄴ다는 것을 말한다. 성장하기위하여지 가는 어느 꽃 당신은 저에게 말할 수 있는가? 데이지 또는 장미이기 위하여 려고 하는 경우에 당신은 저에게 말할 수 있는가? 성장하기위하여지 가는 어느 꽃 당신은 저에게 말할 수 있는가? 당신은 저에게 말할 수 있는가? 당신은 당신이 다는 것을 그러나 당신이 모른ㄴ다는 것을 말한다.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Two videos: EMF and Jesus Jones. Just watch the keyboard players. I think I'm on to something here.


One of the most exciting parts of the MOMA show "Joan Miro: Painting and Anti-Painting 1927-1937" that was up a couple of years ago was a big gallery full of collages he made as studies for paintings, and then the paintings that resulted.

For example, the collage above turned into this painting:

It was so exciting to see these next to each other! Miro claimed "I want to assassinate painting" and he actually meant it. He was not applying for a grant. He was not writing a cover letter. He wanted to assassinate painting.

I've been reading Paul Klee's Pedagolgical Sketchbook this morning. It is full of beautiful drawings, diagrams, and statements. I've been thinking about daybooks, journals, studies for larger works. Is that what blogs are? Do we have other, private places where we plan our poems, where we arrange images and study figures?

Here is an amazing section from Pedagolgical Sketchbook. (Click it to make it larger!)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ryan MacDonald is a person who seems to have a lot of good ideas. He makes a lot of great things. But what I want to show you are these pictures of what his art students made. THEY ARE AMAZING! These are all giant stuffed object sculptures. Check out a whole mess of them at his blog.


Welcome to a new feature of this blog, "SHIVERING FRAGMENTS!" In this feature, we link to quotes that contain the phrase "shivering fragments."

Today: Virginia Woolf.

I attain a different kind of beauty, achieve a symmetry by means of infinite discords, showing all the traces of the mind’s passage through the world, achieve in the end some kind of whole made of shivering fragments—to me this seems the natural process, the flight of the mind. Do they really reach the same thing?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Lapham's Quarterly is really doing it. Almost half of their new Arts & Letters issue is available for free online. This is really exciting! On their Roundtable blog, there is a great piece by Colin Dickey called "On Bones and Libraries" that I think you might like.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Word Shop

If you live in New York, please check out Rob Fitterman's Word Shop this month before it closes. It is open between 11-2 from Tuesday through Thursday until May 27, and is located at 308 Bowery.

On this very subject:


You could watch this amazing video of The Moldy Peaches performing The Spin Doctors hit "Two Princes" live WITH lead Spin Doctor Chris Barron

OR you could watch the Spin Doctors performing an alt. version of their hit "Two Princes" On Sesame Street. IT'S YOUR DECISION!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

John Gallaher on The Franz Wright Critique of the MFA Generations

This is worth reading and thinking about.

Nothing to Say & Saying It: The Franz Wright Critique of the MFA Generations


You could spend 25 years slogging through almost impenetrable jungle-forests mapping the remains of a forgotten city. Or, you could lay in a hammock drinking pina-coladas for 24 years and then use a laser to map the forgotten city in four days. IT'S YOUR DECISION.

Monday, May 10, 2010


My poem "The Black Forest" has been reprinted on Verse Daily. Thank you, Verse Daily. Also, thank you, Black Warrior Review. Thank you, owls.

Friday, May 7, 2010


If you have $1330 dollars, you can buy a machine that uses "fat beam" laser technology to terrorize birds you don't want on your property. For six dollars a pack, you can buy cigarettes and distribute them to all the bird-life on your property. IT'S YOUR DECISION!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


This post is about revision and specificity. And emotions. I've been thinking about the Modern Lovers song "I'm Straight." There is a live recording of the Lovers performing this song in early 1972 from the live cd PRECISE MODERN LOVERS ORDER. Here it is:

To me, there is no contest between this version of the song and the 1973 studio version. The live version is more dynamic, emotional, surprising, and funny. The difference between the two versions of the song can be encapsulated by the revision of the name of the song's antagonist from "Hippie Ernie" to "Hippie Johnny," a change said to be made because the band's bass player was named Ernie, and Jonathan Richman didn't want to offend him. This change significantly weakens the song. Instead of singing about the actual Hippie Ernie, Jonathan is now singing about the idea of a hippie. Listen for yourself:

All of a sudden, Jonathan is saying things like "I like him too....I like Hippie Johnny"- the acid loathing that powered the early version of this song has all but disappeared completely. The song's Duende has been practically shaved away.